Baby Bach

Baby Bach is the third film in the Baby Einstein collection. It was originally released in 1999 and received intricate updates in 2004 by Disney. Scenes from Baby Bach can be found in Baby Lullaby.


  • Exclusive for 1999: website bumper
  • Copyright Infringement Warning | Orchestra Warm-Up
  • Chicken dance | Fanfare themes from Toccata in D, BWV 565
  • Opening Titles | Minuet in G, Anna Magdalena, BWV Anh. 114
  • Art and kinetics | Brandenburg No. 5, BWV 1050, 3rd movement
  • Hammered instruments | Ascending scales
  • Spinning and rocking | Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, BWV 147
  • Winter scenes | Brandenburg No. 4, BWV 1049, 1st movement
  • Robots awake! | Sleeper's Wake, BWV 140
  • Blown instruments | Ascending scales
  • Static electricity | Brandenburg No. 2, BWV 1047, 3rd movement
  • Animals | Flue Sonata in E-flat, BWV 1031, 3rd movement
  • Streamers | Minuet in G, Anna Magdalena, BWV Anh. 114
  • Plucked instruments | Ascending scales
  • Night lights | Air on the G String, BWV 1068
  • Goldberg Suite | Orchestra warm-up
  • Carnival | Goldberg No. 1, BWV 998
  • Hands at play | Goldberg No. 4, BWV 998  
  • Baby Einstein drawing | Goldberg No. 30, BWV 998
  • Finale | Goldberg Canons, BWV 998  
  • Closing credits | Minuet in G, Anna Magdalena, BWV Anh. 114


  • Baby Lullaby features scenes from Baby Bach.
  • Highlights from the film, plus other works, are found in the Baby Bach Concert for Little Ears.
  • Some Baby Bach toys are seen in the Language Discovery Cards.
  • Out of all the Baby Einstein videos, Baby Bach uses the most sound effects.
  • This is the first Baby Einstein video in which the Baby Einstein logo is drawn. The next two videos are World Music and World Animal Adventure (during the opening credits)l
  • Similar to Baby Mozart, the music sounds different, due to the fact that Disney didn't buy FHE yet.


  • Aspen
  • Sierra

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