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Baby Da Vinci is about 33 minutes long. It is a video about parts of the body.


Girl monkey paints portrait while boy monkey poses

Opening theme (Head, shoulders, knees, toes)

Intro title

Boy monkey uses gadget to show us eyes

Eyes music video

Eyes drawing

Puppet show "Two owls and a hoot"

Boy monkey shows us ears

Ears music video

Ears drawing

Puppet show "Three bunnies and two carrots"

Monkey shows mouth

Mouth music video

Mouth drawing

Puppet show "Night on the Savannah"

Monkey shows nose

Nose music video

Nose drawing

Puppet show "Sniff to sneeze"

Monkey shows face

Face music video

Face drawing

Kids dance to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

{<<Bonus Part>>}

Monkey shows hands

Hands music video

Hands drawing

Puppet show "Tickling your sibling"

Monkey shows feet

Feet music video

Feet drawing

Puppet show "Bird bath"

Body parts review

Boy monkey paints Mona Lisa

Credits (Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes reprise)

Kids in baby Da Vinci

Alexis Brandon Bailey Gavin Gillian Camila Isabella Isabel Marco Marcus Lauren Maria Noah Sky Skylar Trevor

Music by Bach Corelli Morley Sanz and Vivaldi

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