World Music 2 and Baby Shakespeare 2: Code Puppet Caper and Madeline Gets Kidnapped. They will be on DVD.


Chase, Maui, Oshawott and Mrs. Otterton, Captain Underpants, Marshall, Raphael, Skye, Alvin Seville, Hello Kitty, Flik, Max, Branch, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Everest, Gordon Quid, Fievel, Rocky and Scout the Puppy dance on the screen. A hand puts the title card onto the screen. (The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Tsar's Farewell, Rimsky-Korsakov)

Opening titles (Sonata no 10 1st movement)

The title card then disappears in an outburst of bubbles

Music video Toys (Sonata no 10 1st movement) 

Balls stairs and chute, kinetic art (Brandenburg concerto no. 5 bach)

Chase hears another knock its Cali's sitter she said have you seen Cali? asked sitter Chase said no. Fievel draws a clown. (The Four Seasons, Spring, 1st movement, Vivaldi) 30.

Mobiles (Divermento no 17 in D)

Streamers (Minuet In G) 

Dolphin puppet dancing (The Magic Flute, K620, Papageno Aria 2)

Music video: Animals (Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss)

A penguin watches a wind up drumming soldier                                                                                                       End Credits (Brandenburg Concert No. 2, BWV 1047, 3rd Movement)

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