Baby MacDonald is the fifteenth Baby Einstein Episode. It was released in March 20, 2004 and released again in 2009 with different Segments. It's also the last episode of the Season 1 which is 1997-2003. It exposes babies to what living on a farm is like.

Notes Edit

  • This Is The First episode To include Roger The Rooster, Wellington Van Cow, Gobbles Random Goat Julie The Sheep Dora The Chick And Eddie The Chick
  • This Is The Second episode to have the song "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". First was Neighborhood Animals. 
  • The Sound Choir Puppet show was used for a fan made THX Logo. 
  • This Is The Second Episode To Have "Snowbird in the Ashbank". The first was Baby Santa's Music Box. 
  • One of the new scenes had Wellington Van Cow, there was a slight change, he had a red bell collar instead of a turquoise collar Fregley The Piglet appeared in 2 new scenes.

Characters * Denotes debut

  1. Wellington Van Cow *
  2. Oinky The Pig
  3. Fregley The Piglet
  4. Gobbles Random Goat * 
  5. Roger The Rooster * 
  6. Julie The Sheep *
  7. Chillin The Chicken
  8. Nathan The Horse
  9. Gregory The Foal
  10. Misty The Mouse
  11. Chilla The Mouse
  12. Dora The Chick *
  13. Eddie The Chick *
  14. Betsy The Cow (in 4 deleted scenes)