Al's Toy Barn 2015 VHS

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Al's Toy Barn is a 27-minute-long video about the animals and habitats. Join Leonardo and his scurvy crew on an adventure on the high seas. Men From Egg! from Africa to South America and Asia to Hawaii to Australia to the Polar, the wooden ark takes 2 of each animal: al, milli, cocoa, comet & pamela.

Rain pours onto the screen and the animals are sailing away. Cumulonimbus clouds cover the screen and dissapear as the title is revealed. Animals come onto the screen. (It's a Small World)

The rain stops and Edward Hicks's "Al's Toy Barn" Appears. (2015) First stop: the Savanna in Kenya, Africa. The Turtles get off and walk into the dried-up grass. (Sesame Street's Hey Diddle Diddle)

Coleen Sgroi's "Jungle Noah" appears onto the screen. (2015) The next stop: the rainforests and tropics in South America and Asia. The Mice get off and walk into the jungles. (Sesame Street's Mother Goose Jamboree)

Coleen Sgroi's "Hope Dawns" appears onto the screen. (2015) The third stop: the Hawaiian Sea in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Fish get off and swim away. (Comic Book Heroes's Purple People Eater)

Becca Barton's "Before The Rain" appears onto the screen. (2015) Next stop: Ayer's Rock, Northern Territory, Australia. The Cats get off and walk past the acacia trees. (In Clyde's Eyes)

Mary Singleton's "The Promise" appears onto the screen. (2015) Final Stop: the Polar Regions Ice care, north pole. The Dogs get off and walk in the cold. (Tra la la Boom Dee Ay)

The Dogs slide down an icy hill and freeze up Al . (Trish Trash Polka, Strauss)

The final scenes show animals from all over the world. (Earth to Luna Theme Song)

The empty ark reaches an island. and the end credits roll. (It's a Small World)

in Al's Toy Barn Tiger Claw roams around and roars untill Leonardo came. Leonardo is standing there. He roars at Leonardo, Mean. But he shouts "Turtle Power!" out of him away with his yelping.






Tiger Claw