Baby Van Gogh is a movie made by Disney and Julie Clark in 2000. It involves your host, Vincent Van Goat, and exploring the fascinating world of colors, accompanied be real artwork of Vincent Van Gogh himself.


  • 1. FBI Screen (Only in VHS tapes and old DVDs, not Discovery Kits.
  • 2. Baby Einstein Logo

3. Warning Screen

4. Dancing Cacti Brothers

5. Opening Titles

6. Marshall

7. Intro

8. Alvin Seville

9. Alvin Seville Puppet Show

10. Yellow Music Video

11. Yellow Lemon

12. Bugs

13. Car Shape Sorter

14. Snowball

15. Snowball Puppet Show

16. Green Music Video

17. Green Blocks

18. Bugs (Again)

19. Jack-in-the-Box

20. Jerry Mouse

21. Jerry Mouse Puppet Show

22. Orange Music Video

23. Orange Orange Orange

24. Bugs (Again Again)

25. Ramp Racer

26. Skye

27. Skye Puppet Show

28. Purple Music Video

29. Purple Flowers

30. Bugs (Again Again Again)

31. Crazy Train

32. Everest

33. Everest Puppet Show

34. Red Music Video

35. Red Cone

36. Bugs (Again Again Again Again)

37. Euro Train

38. Buddy the Rat

39. Buddy the Rat Puppet Show

40. Blue Music Video

41. Blue

42. Finale (Colors All Around Us)

43. Closing Credits

44. Pictures an Art Exhibition

Trivia Goofs

  • This is the 1st episode to feature art, in a original format.
  • All of the poems are later seen in the Van Gogh Board Book.
  • This is a video with a different puppeteer.


Van Goat (and his bae)


Quackers the Duck