Baby Einstein Baby Newton

Baby Newton is a Baby Einstein home video released in 2002 and is the 9th film in the series. It introduces shapes circle square oval rectangle, triangle which are playfully represented by toys, stock footage, funny puppet shows, animation & the classical music of Antonio Vivaldi It is hosted by The Lion. It features a popular Baby Einstein Song I know my shapes performed by Jack Moss or Callie Moore & dancing animation crayons


  • Warning Screen
  • Issac the lion draws (the clown that you are going to see) (The Four Seasons Spring, 1st movement, Vivaldi)
  • Opening titles (The Four Seasons, Fall, 1st movement, Vivaldi)
  • I Know My Shapes (Jack Moss or Callie Moore)
  • Circle

Puppet show: Pavlov is rolling brightly colored balls & he's then ambushed by a barrage of them

The clown walks up to an array of colored shapes picks up a purple circle & uses it as a hula hoop

Music video: Circles (Violin Concerto no 3 in G Major, RV310, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)

  • A blue animation crayon swings on a rope Tarzan-style and then falls.
  • Square
  • Puppet show: Issac fixes a broken wooden frame.
  • The clown walks up to an array of colored shapes again turns the crank on a green square like a jack and the box and another clown pops out of it.

Music video: Squares (Concerto in G Major, RV532, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)

  • A red animation crayon uses a black animation crayon to draw a circle on the ground, then they both jump into it
  • Oval

Puppet show: A Duck with a red scarf tries to stretch a circle into an oval but failed 2 times. Another duck with black sunglasses tries to help him & they eventually make the circle into an oval.

  • The clown walks over to a yellow oval mirror and combs his hair 5 times in front of it and he looks at her for a few seconds and he winks once.

Music video: Ovals (The Four Seasons, Winter, 2nd Movement, Vivaldi)

  • A green animation crayon tap dances and is then pulled off the screen by a cane.
  • Rectangle

Puppet show: Neighton hears a knock on his door. He answers it, but nobody is there. He leaves & then hears a doorbell. He opens the door but does not see anyone there. Angry, he runs away. He hears a knock. When he opens it this time, a cow with a party hat & noisemaker runs out followed by Pavlov with a pinwheel. Then Issac comes out with streamers in his mouth & spits them out while roars, followed by Duck wearing sunglasses. Neighton realizes that he forgot about his birthday, laughs, and runs away.

The clown opens a red rectangle and it plays an orchestral "Ah Vous Diraj De Maman" by Mozart (in a shorter version). Music Video: Rectangles (Concerto in C Major, RV537, 3rd Movement, Vivaldi)

  • A wind-up blue plastic walking suitcase walks forward, stops, then keeps walking.
  • An orange animation crayon plays tag with a yellow one,.
  • Triangle

Puppet show: Issac walks against a background of gold glitter He tries to blow at it 3 times When it does not go away he blows it away with a fan revealing a glitter triangle

  • The clown plays a blue musical triangle with a stick.

Music Video: Triangles (Concerto in B Minor, RV580, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)

  • A yellow animation crayon jumps on a pogo stick.
  • Shapes review.
  • I Know My Shapes (reprise, Jack Moss or Callie Moore) again
  • Closing credits (Concerto in D Major, RV93, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)


Opening Previews

  1. Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo
  2. The Baby Einstein Company Logo (Great Minds Star Little)
  3. Baby Einstein Warning Screen (w/Julie Clark's VoiceOver)
  4. Issac the Lion draws a clown
  5. Opening Titles (The 4 Seasons, Autumn, Vivaldi)
  6. I Know My Shapes (Jack Moss & Callie Moore 2007 Duet)

Closing Previews

  1. Shapes Review
  2. I Know My Shapes (Reprise, JM & CM 2007 Duet)
  3. Shape blocks knock down
  4. The clown laughs and blinks twice
  5. Boy's Head logo appears while off screen audience cheers & claps
  6. Closing Credits (Concerto in D Major, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)
  7. Baby Einstein Merchandise Screen (Concerto in D Major, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)
  8. Copyright Screen (Concerto in D Major, 1st Movement, Vivaldi)
  9. Video tutorial with Julie Clark


Note: After the song plays again, the shapes at the end of the song knocks down.                                             


  • When Baby Newton was re-released in 2004, a different version of this song is heard by callie moore.
  • Some Vivaldi tracks on Baby Newton can be heard on the Baby Vivaldi CD Some are also heard later on Baby Monet
  • This is the first video to involve Baby Einstein puppets designed by David Privett.
  • The animation was designed by The American Animation Company in Denver, CO.


Baby Einstein Puppets:

Issac the lion

Pavlov the dog

Neighton the horse

Wellington the cow


The Clown