July is one of the Orphans is "Sofie Dossi's Revenge" . In the official book and the play ' she is said to be the oldest of the orphans along with Duffy at age 13. July is a mother figure to all. She is the sweetest while not exactly the prettiest. July is said to be the oldest along with Duffy ' but in the original movie ' Kate seems to be the oldest while Duffy and July look like they are between the ages of 8-12. July was bought to the orphanage with no name so Ms. Hannagin just named her July since she abandoned on the Fourth of July. July might be the sweetest but she still stands up for what she believes iis right. For example ' when Sanko Pepper was yelling at Sachiko ' July told her to leave Sachiko alone. The two started to fight and Ichiro Miki had to tell Sanko Pepper to leave both Sachiko and July alone.

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