Baby Einstein Language Nursery

Language Nursery is the 1st ever video of Baby Einstein and is a Baby Einstein home video released on 1997 & is now re released in the video series It exposes infants to early patterns, sounds and basic speaking through ABC's, numbers, poems, and nursery rhymes in different languages.


  • The Baby Einstein Company logo is present. This only happens in later releases.
  • 2-min. overview with Julie Clark, explaining mechanics before video.
  • Warning Screen.
  • Bear pops out of a jack in a box while Julie Clark says "Hello!"
  • Opening titles by William Weisbach (Baby Einstein Theme song) (Released from I Think I Can Productions)
  • Fish bowl
  • Black white & red patterns German Evening Song
  • Mechanical black & white cow moves forward moos then wags its tail
  • Stacking rings Russian 1-20 with Fisher Price Rock A Stack later replaced by wooden stacking rings
  • Toy train engine moves forward replaced by an improved train
  • Fluid motion toy Japanese alphabet
  • Barnyard stairs & chute toy English Jack & Jill
  • Flower patterns (Hebrew, Numi Numi fake rhyme)
  • Black white and red mobile (German, Lied Song)
  • Bear pops out of a jack-in-the-box (Spanish, Hola)
  • Cardboard bricks French 1-20
  • Candles (later replaced by fiber optic lamp) Russian lullaby
  • Doll patterns Japanese, Sleep Sleep all dolls were replaced except for raggedy ann
  • Train again moves backwards
  • Pull along centipede (Spanish,Hey Diddle Diddle)
  • Spiral ball lamp (German, 1-20)
  • Carousel with dog cat & bunny French I Had (later replaced by a carousel with dogs & balls like Baby Mozart and first sounds
  • Chain of plastic black white and red shapes Hebrew twinkle twinkle  
  • Bear pops out of a jack-in-the-box Hebrew Shalom for hello
  • Foam alphabet blocks are stacked & then knocked over Hebrew alphabet later replaced in 2004 by wooden blocks
  • Patterns (Spanish, Brilla Brilla la estrella for "Twinkle, Twinkle little star")
  • Happy Star English Humpty Dumpty
  • Mobile again (French alphabet)
  • Musical stuffed lamb (later replaced by a different lamb)
  • Train again moves forward stops moves to right
  • Barnyard stair and chute toy again Little Rooster Russian with no voice
  • Pinwheel Kinderpreigt German Child's Prayer
  • Red clock English 1-20 later replaced by different red clock
  • Bear pops out of jack-in-the-box Japanese Konnichi-wa for Good day
  • Toy patterns French Little Bo Peep all toys were replaced except star jellybeans & string by different toys
  • Wooden xylophone
  • Gyroscope (Spanish alphabet) then makes 5 notes in major version on grand Piano
  • Fish bowl (Hebrew, 1-20)
  • Train again, moves forward then backward
  • Stacking rings again (Hebrew, Everyone Clap Hands)
  • Candles (English, Twinkle Twinkle)
  • Black white and red patterns Japanese 1-20
  • Hand (Russian poem)
  • Bear pops out of jack-in-the box French Bonjour
  • Green spinning top German alphabet later replaced by a different green top
  • Windchime with brown hat shape in wooden Hebrew Go to Sleep later replaced by a windchime with yellow wheel shape
  • Metronome with red dot later replaced by a metronome with a yellow dot
  • Rattle Spanish 1-10 then at 2004 (1-20)
  • Train with doll in car English Little Miss Muffet
  • Healthy Food pattern Japanese The Cherry Blossom Song pepper peas carrots & celery (banana,peas and apple
  • Cat (Russian alphabet)
  • Duck under hat (German, Hallo) (Duck and hat were both replaced)
  • Stuffed cow (Japanese,Rainbows) (cow later replaced)
  • Closing Credits by William Weisbach Lullaby

Trivia Goofs

  • When the Spanish alphabet was being recited the Spanish letter erre was not stated although it is considered not a letter but a common letter conjugation in Spanish language.
  • In 1999, the Spanish counting was 1-10 when the rattle was shaking on-screen. This was later replaced in 2004 by 1-20.
  • The train were both later seen in Baby Shakespeare on 2000 & 2004.
  • Some toys in this video were later seen on the Language discovery cards.
  • The centipede toy in this video looks exactly like the Baby Einstein caterpillar.
  • Some toys in this video are later seen in Baby Mozart.
  • Unlike most videos no kids are featured, but Julie Clark is.
  • In 1997 the 2 min video with julie Clark was shown at the beginning, the warning title was small, and the starting of the video was produced by I Think I Can Productions

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