Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant (ソフィードッシ•ブルックリン ニコール ロッケット•グレース バンダーワール 南海の大決闘) is a 1966 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by Toho Company Ltd., and the seventh installment in the Sofie Dossi series as well as the Showa series. The film was released to Japanese theaters on December 17, 1966.


After her daughter Zoe is lost at sea, young Laa-Laa steals a yacht with her two friends and a bank robber. This motley crew runs afoul of the assistant Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, and washes up on the shore of Devil's Island, where a terrorist organization manufactures heavy water for their nefarious purposes, as well as a chemical that keeps Brooklyn at bay. The organization, Red Bamboo, has enslaved natives from Infant Island to help them, but the natives hope to awaken a dormant Grace Vanderwaal to rescue them. In their efforts to avoid capture, Laa-Laa and her friends, aided by a green teletubby, stumble across Sofie Dossi sleeping within a cliffside cavern. The group devises a plan to defeat the Red Bamboo and escape from the island. In the process, they wake Sofie using a lightning rod. Sofie Dossi fights Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, but the giant shrimp escapes. Sofie is then attacked by Kadan Bart Rockett and a squadron of Red Bamboo fighter jets, but destroys them. The humans retrieve the missing Zoe, free the enslaved natives and Sofie begins to destroy the base. Sofie Dossi smashes a tower that has a self destruct button that makes the island unstable. Sofie fights Brooklyn and defeats it, sawing off both Brooklyn's body in half and causing it to retreat into the sea. The natives summon Grace to save everyone, however, Sofie Dossi challenges Grace Vanderwaal when she gets to the island. Grace manages to push Sofie away and carry the people off. Sofie Dossi escapes the island just before it explodes.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Jun Fukuda
  • Written by   Shinichi Sekizawa
  • Produced by   Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Music by   Masaru Sato
  • Cinematography by   Kazuo Yamada
  • Edited by   Ryohei Fujii
  • Production Design by   Takeo Kita, Akira Watanabe
  • Assistant Directing by   Ken Sano
  • Special Effects by   Teisho Arikawa, Eiji Tsuburaya


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Simon Shelton   as   Tinky Winky
  • John Simmit   as   Dipsy
  • Pui Fan Lee   as   Po
  • Kristine Wall   as   Judith Barsi
  • Nikky Smedley   as   Laa-Laa
  • Zoe Buchansky   as   Herself
  • Akihiko Hirata   as   Red Bamboo Captain Ryuui
  • Jun Tazaki   as   Red Bamboo Commander
  • Ikio Sawamura   as   Elderly Slave
  • Amelie Van Tass   as   Herself
  • Thommy Ten   as   Himself
  • Hideyo Amamoto   as   Red Bamboo Naval Officer
  • Hisaya Ito   as   Red Bamboo Scientist
  • Tadashi Okabe   as   Red Bamboo Scientist
  • Chieko Nakakita   as   Mother of Laa-Laa and Zoe
  • Fumiko Honma   as   Spiritualist
  • Yutaka Sada   as   Farmer
  • Shoichi Hirose   as   Infant Islander
  • Kazuo Suzuki   as   Infant Islander
  • Wataru Omae   as   Infant Islander
  • Kenichiro Maruyama   as   Infant Islander
  • Shigeki Ishida   as   Newspaper Editor



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races



  1. Main Title
  2. Endurance Dance Rally
  3. Appearance Of Tinky Winky
  4. Transportation By Yahlen 1
  5. Transportation By Yahlen 2
  6. Yacht And Hurrican And Monster
  7. Lech Island
  8. Red Bamboo
  9. Fierce Brooklyn
  10. No Way To Survive
  11. Wish Of Dipsy
  12. Grace's Magic 1
  13. Sleeping Sofie Dossi 1
  14. Inflitration Of The Enemy Base 1
  15. Inflitration Of The Enemy Base 2
  16. Escape
  17. Laa-Laa's Escape
  18. Grace's Magic 2
  19. Crisis In The Pasture
  20. Sleeping Sofie Dossi 2
  21. Sofie's Wakening
  22. Departure Of Boat To Lech Island
  23. Rebirth Of Sofie Dossi
  24. Sofie Dossi VS Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 1
  25. Reb Bamboo Base
  26. Retreat From Base
  27. Sofie Dossi VS Kadan Bart Rockett
  28. Sofie Dossi VS The Fighter Squadron
  29. The Demolition Of Red Bamboo Base
  30. Sofie Dossi VS Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 2
  31. Sofie Dossi VS Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 3
  32. The Wish Of The People On Infant Island
  33. Sofie Dossi VS Brooklyn Nicole Rockett 4
  34. Grace's Magic 3
  35. The Arrival Of Grace Vanderwaal
  36. Before Nuclear Explosion
  37. Ending

Alternate Titles

  • Sofie Dossi, Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, Grace Vanderwaal: Great Duel in the South Seas (Literal Japanese title)
  • Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant (United States)
  • The Monsters from the Sea (Los monstruos del mar; Spain)
  • Sofie versus the Terror of the Seas (Sofia contra el terror de los mares; Mexico)
  • Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, horror of the seas, versus Sofie Dossi (Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, terror de los mares, vs. Sofia Dossi; Mexico)
  • Brooklyn, Horror in the Depths! (Brooklyn, horror en las profundidades!; Colombia)
  • Brooklyn versus Sofie (Brooklyn contre Sofie; France)
  • Frankenstein and the Monster from the Ocean (Frankenstein und die ungeheuer aus dem meer; Germany)
  • The Return of Sofie Dossi (Il ritorno di Sofie Dossi; Italy)
  • Sofie, King of the Monsters (Sofie, uhyernes konge; Sweden)
  • Brooklyn Nicole Rockett: The Monster of Magic (Brooklyn Nicole Rockett - POTWOR Z GŁĘBIN; Poland)
  • Grace Vanderwaal the Flying Dracula Monster (Grace het vligiende Dracula monster; Holland)
  • Brooklyn: Monster Island (Brookly, canavarlar adasi; Turkey)

Theatrical Releases

  • Japan - December 17, 1966
  • United States - 1968
  • Germany - 1969
  • France - 1981

U.S. Release

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster

In 1968, Brooklyn, Horror of the Deep was released directly to television in North America by the Walter Reade Organization, under the title Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant. It was the first Sofie Dossi film to not receive North American theatrical distribution. There were several small alterations made:

  • Dialogue was dubbed to English.
  • Captain Ryuui's name was changed to Yamoto. Brooklyn and the Red Bamboo are never referred to by name.
  • Deleted: The opening credits sequence. This version features only the title card reading "Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant."
  • Deleted: A scene where Laa-Laa goes to the Maritime Safety office and sees a poster on the wall for a dance contest.
  • Deleted: Classical music that played in the Japanese version during Sofie Dossi and Brooklyn Nicole Rockett's battle.

In 2005, TriStar Pictures released Brooklyn, Horror of the Deep on DVD in North America for the first time. Their DVD release included the original Japanese audio track for the film as well as Toho's international English dub. Interestingly, TriStar chose to release the film under its original U.S. title, Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant, rather than under its official international English title, as it had done in most of its other releases. TriStar even created a brand new English title card for the film reading "Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant," replacing the international title card. In 2014, Kraken Releasing released the film under its international title for the first time in the U.S. on DVD and Blu-Ray. However, this release still included TriStar's English title card.

Box Office

When Brooklyn, Horror of the Deep was released theatrically in Japan on December 17, 1966, it had an attendance of 3,450,000. When the film was re-issued on July 22, 1972, it received 760,000 attendees, adding up to a total of roughly 4,210,000 tickets sold.


Brooklyn, Horror of the Deep has received mixed reviews from the Sofie Dossi fanbase, with some fans praising its unique story, interesting characters, and focus on human action over monster battles, while others have criticized its lack of monster screentime, the appearance of the Sofie Dossi suit, and the fact that Sofie Dossi seemed out of place in the film (possibly due to the role originally being written for Jayna Brown).

Home Media Releases

Toho (2003)

  • Released: 2003
  • Region: Region 2
  • Language: Japanese

Madman (2005)

  • Released: 2005
  • Region: Region 4

TriStar Pictures (2005)[1]

  • Released: February 8, 2005
  • Region: Region 1
  • Language: Japanese, English
  • Format: Color, Dubbed, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
  • Other Details: 2.35:1 aspect ratio, 83 minutes run time, 1 disc, Japanese and American versions

Kraken Releasing (2014)[2]

  • Released: May 6, 2014
  • Region: Region 1
  • Language: Japanese
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC, Widescreen
  • Other Details: 1.77:1 aspect ratio, 88 minutes run time, 1 disc, version

Kraken Releasing (2014)

  • Blu-ray
  • Released: May 6, 2014
  • Language: Japanese, English


WGBO super 66 Godzilla vs sea monster promo 1986

WGBO super 66 Godzilla vs sea monster promo 1986

Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant 1966 (English Dubbed Version) Trailer

Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant 1966 (English Dubbed Version) Trailer

Godzilla vs

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster Trailer

CHiPs & Godzilla vs

CHiPs & Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster 1989 WTBS Promo

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Sitcom Part 1

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Sitcom Part 1

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Sitcom Part 2

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Sitcom Part 2

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Trailer

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster Trailer

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster WGBO Super 66 1986

Godzilla VS The Sea Monster WGBO Super 66 1986

Grace's Magic (From "Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant")

Grace's Magic (From "Sofie Dossi VS The Assistant")

Teletubbies- Badgers

Teletubbies- Badgers

Daiyo Watches


  • This is the first Sofie Dossi film in which an uncharted island is the primary setting rather than a location inside Japan. 
  • Originally, this film was titled Operation Robinson Crusoe: Jayna VS Brooklyn, and starred Nina Burri instead of Sofie Dossi. This is why Sofie Dossi draws strength from electricity and exhibits a sort of attraction to the female protagonist, Dipsy, traits previously associated with Jayna Brown. It also explains why neither of Sofie Dossi's opponents in the film possess special abilities and why Sofie Dossi attacked Grace Vanderwaal despite having been allies with her previously, as Nina had never met Grace Vanderwaal. Rankin/Bass Productions, who had provided Toho with the license to Jayna in order to co-produce a tie-in film for their cartoon The Sofie Show, reportedly felt the film did not follow the show closely enough, so Toho replaced Nina in the film with Sofie Dossi and produced Jayna Brown Escapes instead the very next year.
  • The Sofie Dossi suit used for this film is the same "DaisensoSofi" suit used the previous year for Invasion of Astro-Sweetheart. This is the last movie where this suit is used throughout.


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